Programmer, Data scientist, Spark Enthusiast 

Day Job: I am currently a software engineer at Alpine Data Labs. Where I work to add data processing and machine learning functionality to Alpine’s collaborative analytics platform. I work primarily with Scala and Spark, but consider myself a full stack developer. I’ve written production code for database systems in Java and for our front end in  HTML, CSS and Javascript. I am currently working on building an inferential statistics package to run on Spark.


Side Projects: In addition to learning and contributing to Spark, I am currently working on a book about using Spark called High Performance Spark with Holden Karau.


Offline Life: Outside of my professional life, I am a climber, frisbee player, and cyclist. I have just returned from 4 months of traveling in South America including a 2 month bicycle tour of Patagonia. I have been now been living in cooperative living spaces for two years and consider myself an active participant in the intentional community movement in San Fransisco.

Please see my resume to find out more about my skills.

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